[pLog-svn] This is not fair

Mark Wu markplace at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 06:47:37 EST 2007

Actually, I saw that post several days ago .....

I was frustrated when you try to use __autoload :( , it is really makes the
LifeType so so slow in windows platform ...because it increse thousands
file_exist() execution time.

I think we should mix the PHP4 skill in PHP5 implementation at this moment,
or it will cause our system to get very bad performance.

Actually, I really like __get, __set and __call in PHP5, we can use it to
redeuce the complexity of our dbobjects....

For example,  we can add a new property like $description without add new
getter and setter method. And we still can use getDescription() method to
get property $description  ... that's magic function for ...

But, you know, it slow ....


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> It doesn't help if PHP implements lots of nice OOP features 
> (that I was planning to use one day, such as Array iterators, "magic"
> accessors via __get and __set, and so on) if by using them we 
> incur in some pretty annoyingly high performance overheads... See for
> yourselves:
> http://www.garfieldtech.com/blog/magic-benchmarks
> I just wanted to vent my frustrations about this topic with you... :)
> Oscar
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