[pLog-svn] Fwd: Would like to pay for assistance

Oscar Renalias oscar at renalias.net
Mon Jun 12 12:07:43 GMT 2006

In case any of you is feeling charitable.

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From: Wes Groleau <webmaster at lang-learn.us>
Date: Jun 10, 2006 4:19 PM
Subject: Would like to pay for assistance
To: contact at lifetype.net

I would like to pay a LifeType expert ten dollars U.S. for
one hour of support, via Skype, AIM, or a U.S. telephone number.

I need to make some modifications to the default "plog"
setup provided by "Go Daddy"

I have no PHP experience, but I have been a software engineer
for almost two decades, so if we can't solve the problems in
an hour, at least we'll get me far enough along to keep going
(or to decide whether to buy another hour).  I do understand
HTML, XML, CSS, and SQL (and other languages).

I know $10 isn't much, but I'm a _long_ way from wealthy.

Anything useful we come up with will of course be Open Source--IF
the person helping is willing to put it on the LifeType site.
(I can't afford to run a "competing" site for source.)

If the person wanting to do this will e-mail me, I will
respond as soon as possible to arrange contact.  My location
is Indiana, time zone = Eastern U.S. Please add the address
" groleau+wes at freeshell.org " in case the other has a problem.


Wes Groleau
Webmaster, Language and Learning

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