[pLog-svn] blog domain feature

Jon Daley plogworld at jon.limedaley.com
Mon Jun 5 14:56:03 GMT 2006

 	I just got a large contract for email hosting, and I am not going 
to have very much time for LifeType for a couple of weeks at least, and 
our baby is due in three weeks, so I think I might not be able to finish 
the blog domain feature for 1.1.

 	The backend, in terms of placeholders in the {blogdomain} tag will 
be accepted in the subdomain_base_url and put into the new column in the 
blog table.  This is in 1.0.5 and 1.1.
 	I have a gui for entering the blog domain on the summary 
registration page.  This is only in my local copy of 1.0.5.

Not done:
   It needs to be added in the "create a blog" feature of 1.1.
   The blog_domain field needs to be checked for uniqueness among existing 
blog_domain fields.
   It should either have TextFilter::domainize() called on it, or rejected 
if it contains non-domain characters
   The blog_domain code should not be shown or validated anywhere if 
{blog_domain} is not defined in the subdomain_base_url, because it will be 
confusing to anyone who isn't using that feature.

 	If someone could start it (ie. by getting my local template and 
class code that I have) and start integrating it into 1.1, I can help do 
it, but I won't be able to do it all.

 	We have told people it would be in 1.1, so it would be nice to be 

 	Any takers?

Jon Daley

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