[pLog-svn] RE: We need a way to spread important information ASAP

Reto Hugi plog at hugi.to
Mon Jun 5 13:50:01 GMT 2006

I agree with you, mark. We need a easy way for users to check if they
need to upgrade. But I don't like the way wp is doing it. I think we
should add a more sophisticated way to inform users of available
upgrades and security fixes.

some ideas:
- do it like some joomla plugins do: provide a "check for updates"
button followed by either simply linking to a page with available
updates relative to the users installed version or trigger an automatic
download of the diff and install it.

- use some soap/xmlrpc to automatically check for the latest version.
maybe with some simple xml hosted on sf.net to keep the load away from

I favour the second one. could even be fun to write and integrate... and
yes, the dashbaord would be the appropriate place for it.

On 05.06.2006 15:31, Mark Wu wrote:
> Take a look at this screen shots.
> This is what wordpress does. I think we can learn this idea...
> BTW, if you have other way better then this. Just let me know.
> See the "wordpress development blog" part in the left-bottom corner.
> Mark
>     *From:* Mark Wu [mailto:mark.wu at markplace.net]
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>     *Subject:* We need a way to spread important information ASAP
>     Hi:
>     I think we need a new way to spread important information to our
>     user, like securities or new version release news.
>     Maybe we can show lifetype rss feeds in site admin blog dashboard.
>     Therefore, the siteadmin can know the latest news of lifetype.
>     The only one drawback is .... it may cause the performance problem
>     of our site, if lifetype installation growth very quickly.
>     But, I believe we can avoid this, if we use some rss aggregator
>     service to aggregate our rss feeds first. Like newsgator or feed
>     burner...
>     In Taiwan, we always use this way to reduce the server loading.
>     If you think it a good idea, I think I  can add it into 1.1.
>     BTW, we can make it configurable, so site admin can turn it off if
>     he really wants.
>     Mark 
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