[pLog-svn] We need a way to spread important information ASAP

Mark Wu mark.wu at markplace.net
Mon Jun 5 13:20:31 GMT 2006

I think we need a new way to spread important information to our user, like
securities or new version release news.
Maybe we can show lifetype rss feeds in site admin blog dashboard.
Therefore, the siteadmin can know the latest news of lifetype.
The only one drawback is .... it may cause the performance problem of our
site, if lifetype installation growth very quickly.
But, I believe we can avoid this, if we use some rss aggregator service to
aggregate our rss feeds first. Like newsgator or feed burner...
In Taiwan, we always use this way to reduce the server loading.
If you think it a good idea, I think I  can add it into 1.1.
BTW, we can make it configurable, so site admin can turn it off if he really
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