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Mon Jul 31 00:48:35 GMT 2006

Author: mark
Date: 2006-07-31 00:48:35 +0000 (Mon, 31 Jul 2006)
New Revision: 3824

Commit the zh_TW Locale file from lss.

Modified: plog/trunk/locale/locale_zh_TW.php
--- plog/trunk/locale/locale_zh_TW.php	2006-07-31 00:44:34 UTC (rev 3823)
+++ plog/trunk/locale/locale_zh_TW.php	2006-07-31 00:48:35 UTC (rev 3824)
@@ -912,62 +912,63 @@
 // new strings for 1.1 -- no need to translate yet!
-$messages['error_incorrect_trackback_id'] = 'The trackback identifier is not correct';
-$messages['error_marking_trackback_as_spam'] = 'There was an error marking the trackback as spam';
-$messages['trackback_marked_as_spam_ok'] = 'The trackback was marked as successfully as spam';
-$messages['error_marking_trackback_as_nonspam'] = 'There was an error marking the trackback as non-spam';
-$messages['trackback_marked_as_nonspam_ok'] = 'The trackback was marked successfully as non-spam';
-$messages['upload_here'] = 'Upload here';
+$messages['error_incorrect_trackback_id'] = '引用的識別碼不正確';
+$messages['error_marking_trackback_as_spam'] = '標記垃圾引用時發生錯誤';
+$messages['trackback_marked_as_spam_ok'] = '標記垃圾引用成功';
+$messages['error_marking_trackback_as_nonspam'] = '取消標記垃圾引用時發生錯誤';
+$messages['trackback_marked_as_nonspam_ok'] = '取消標記垃圾引用成功';
+$messages['delete_trackback'] = '刪除引用';
+$messages['upload_here'] = '上傳到這裡';
 $messages['reply_string'] = 'Re: ';
 $messages['cleanup_users'] = '刪除使用者';
-$messages['cleanup_users_help'] = 'This will remove all users that have been deleted by administrator (marked as "Deleted"). It will also remove any blogs that user own including everything in that blog. If user has permission to post in other blog, all posts made by them will be deleted as well.  It will not be possible to recover once users have been removed';
-$messages['users_purged_ok'] = 'Users purged successfully';
+$messages['cleanup_users_help'] = '這個操作會把所有被管理員標示為(已刪除)的使用者完全刪除,同時也會把這些使用者的所有網誌也刪除,包括所有包含在網誌裡的任何東西。如果這些使用者有在其他網誌寫文章的權限,那他們在其他網誌裡所寫的文章也會一起被刪除。當使用者被刪除時,這些動作是不可能恢復的。';
+$messages['users_purged_ok'] = '成功刪除使用者';
 $messages['cleanup_blogs'] = '刪除網誌';
-$messages['cleanup_blogs_help'] = 'This will remove all blogs that have been deleted by administrator (marked as "Deleted"). It will remove everthing in that blog.  It will not be possible to recover once users have been removed';
-$messages['blogs_purged_ok'] = 'Blogs purged successfully';
-$messages['help_use_http_accept_language_detection'] = 'Most web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer send at least one language code the user <i>should</i> understand. If this feature is activated, pLog tries to serve the user with the requested language if it\'s available. [Default = No]';
+$messages['cleanup_blogs_help'] = '這個操作會把所有被管理員標示為(已刪除)的網誌完全刪除,包括所有包含在網誌裡的任何東西。當網誌被刪除時,這些動作是不可能恢復的。';
+$messages['blogs_purged_ok'] = '成功刪除網誌';
+$messages['help_use_http_accept_language_detection'] = '大部分的瀏覽器像 Mozilla Firefox 、 Safari 或 Internet Explorer 至少會傳送一個使用者<i>應該</i>瞭解的語言碼。如果啟用這個功能,而且該語言是可用的, LifeType 會試著以這個請求的語言來服務使用者。[預設值 = 否]';
-$messages['error_invalid_blog_category'] = 'Invalid blog category';
-$messages['error_adding_blog_category'] = 'There was an error adding the blog category';
+$messages['error_invalid_blog_category'] = '不合法的網誌分類';
+$messages['error_adding_blog_category'] = '新增網誌分類時發生錯誤';
 $messages['newBlogCategory'] = '新增網誌分類';
 $messages['editBlogCategories'] = '編輯網誌分類';
-$messages['blog_category_added_ok'] = 'Blog category added successfully';
-$messages['error_blog_category_has_blogs'] = 'The blog category "%s" has some blogs assigned to it. Please edit first the blogs and then try again.';
-$messages['error_deleting_blog_category'] = 'There was an error deleting blog category "%s"';
-$messages['blog_category_deleted_ok'] = 'Blog category "%s" was deleted successfully';
-$messages['blog_categories_deleted_ok'] = '%s blog categories deleted successfully';
-$messages['error_deleting_blog_category2'] = 'There was an error removing the blog category with id %s';
-$messages['blog_category'] = 'Blog Category';
-$messages['blog_category_help'] = 'Global blog category assigned to this blog';
+$messages['blog_category_added_ok'] = '成功新增網誌分類';
+$messages['error_blog_category_has_blogs'] = '已經有一些網誌指定到網誌分類 "%s" 。請先編輯這些網誌之後再試一次';
+$messages['error_deleting_blog_category'] = '刪除網誌分類 "%s" 時發生錯誤';
+$messages['blog_category_deleted_ok'] = '成功刪除網誌分類 "%s"';
+$messages['blog_categories_deleted_ok'] = '成功刪除網誌分類 "%s"';
+$messages['error_deleting_blog_category2'] = '刪除 id 為 %s 的網誌分類時發生錯誤';
+$messages['blog_category'] = '網誌分類';
+$messages['blog_category_help'] = '替網誌指定一個全域網誌分類';
-$messages['help_use_captcha_auth'] = 'Use a CAPTCHA mechanism in the registration process to prevent automatic registration by robotic scripts';
-$messages['help_skip_dashboard'] = 'The dashboard page will not be shown anymore and instead users will be taken to the first blog to which they belong right away';
+$messages['help_use_captcha_auth'] = '在註冊程序使用 CAPTCHA 機制,以防止自動註冊機器人程式';
+$messages['help_skip_dashboard'] = '讓使用者跳過管理面板,直接進入他目前所擁有的第一個網誌';
 $messages['manageGlobalArticleCategory'] = '全域文章分類';
 $messages['newGlobalArticleCategory'] = '新增全域文章分類';
 $messages['editGlobalArticleCategories'] = '編輯全域文章分類';
-$messages['global_category_name_help'] = 'Name of the new global article category';
-$messages['global_category_description_help'] = 'Description of the new global article category';
-$messages['error_incorrect_global_category_id'] = 'Invalid global article category';
-$messages['global_category_deleted_ok'] = 'Article category "%s" deleted successfully';
-$messages['global_category_added_ok'] = 'Global category "%s" added successfully';
-$messages['error_deleting_global_category2'] = 'There was an error removing article category with id = %s';
+$messages['global_category_name_help'] = '新的全域文章分類的名稱';
+$messages['global_category_description_help'] = '新的全域文章分類的詳細描述';
+$messages['error_incorrect_global_category_id'] = '不合法的全域文章分類';
+$messages['global_category_deleted_ok'] = '成功刪除全域文章分類 "%s"';
+$messages['global_category_added_ok'] = '成功新增全域文章分類 "%s"';
+$messages['error_deleting_global_category2'] = '刪除 id 為 %S 的全域文章分類時發生錯誤';
-$messages['help_page_suffix_format'] = 'Suffix that will be appended to URLs that support paging';
+$messages['help_page_suffix_format'] = '支援分頁時,加在網址尾端的字尾';
-$messages['help_final_size_thumbnail_width'] = 'Final width of uploaded images. Leave empty or as zero to store the full size image';
-$messages['help_final_size_thumbnail_height'] = 'Final height of uploaded images. Leave empty or as zero to store the full size image';
-$messages['error_comment_too_big'] = 'The comment is too big';
-$messages['error_you_have_been_blocked'] = 'Blocked: this request was not completed.';
-$messages['created'] = 'Created';
-$messages['view'] = 'View';
-$messages['editUser'] = 'Edit User';
-$messages['help_urlize_word_separator'] = 'Character that will be used as the word separator when generating URLs pointing to LifeType pages. This will also be used when generating hostnames from blog names if support for subdomains is activated. [Default = _]';
-$messages['help_summary_template_cache_lifetime'] = 'Life time in seconds of the summary cached pages. If set to something else than \'0\' the summary pages will be kept for as long as indicated here insted of being refreshed every time data changes. [Default = 0]';
-$messages['register_default_album_name'] = 'General';
-$messages['register_default_album_description'] = 'Use this album to upload new pictures.';
-$messages['show_in_summary'] = 'Show in Summary';
-$messages['show_in_summary_help'] = 'Include this blog in the summary page of this site.';
+$messages['help_final_size_thumbnail_width'] = '上傳圖檔的最後寬度。使用空白或 0 則使用圖檔的原始大小';
+$messages['help_final_size_thumbnail_height'] = '上傳圖檔的最後高度。使用空白或 0 則使用圖檔的原始大小';
+$messages['error_comment_too_big'] = '回響內容太長';
+$messages['error_you_have_been_blocked'] = '阻擋:這個請求並沒有完成';
+$messages['created'] = '已建立';
+$messages['view'] = '閱讀';
+$messages['editUser'] = '編輯使用者';
+$messages['help_urlize_word_separator'] = '建立 LifeType 相關的連結時,用於連結單字的字元。如果啟用次網域網址時,這也會使用於產生網址裡的網站名稱。[預設值 = _]';
+$messages['help_summary_template_cache_lifetime'] = '摘要頁面快取的有效時間。若設為 \'0\' ,只要有資料更新就會更新摘要頁面的快取。如果設為其他值,則會等到這段時間過了之後再更新摘要頁面的快取。[預設值 = 0]';
+$messages['register_default_album_name'] = '一般';
+$messages['register_default_album_description'] = '使用這個資料夾上傳新圖檔';
+$messages['show_in_summary'] = '在摘要中顯示';
+$messages['show_in_summary_help'] = '在摘要的網誌頁中顯示這個網誌';
 $messages['saving_message'] = '儲存中 ...';
 $messages['show_option_panel'] = '顯示文章選項';
@@ -975,11 +976,11 @@
 $messages['quick_launches'] = '快捷列';
-$messages['confirmation_message_resent_ok'] = 'Confirmation message resent successfully.';
+$messages['confirmation_message_resent_ok'] = '註冊確認信件已成功地重新寄出';
 $messages['goto_blog_page'] = '打開 %s 首頁';
-$messages['help_num_blogs_per_user'] = 'Number of blogs that an owner can create through the administration interface';
+$messages['help_num_blogs_per_user'] = '擁有者可以從管理介面建立網誌的數目';
 $messages['massive_change_option'] = '大量修改選項';
 $messages['show_massive_change_option'] = '顯示大量修改選項';
@@ -989,31 +990,31 @@
 $messages['error_post_status'] = '請選擇文章狀態。';
 $messages['error_comment_status'] = '請選擇迴響狀態。';
-$messages['admin_mode'] = 'Admin Mode';
-$messages['administrate_user_blog'] = 'Administrate this blog';
-$messages['trackbacks_updated_ok'] = '%s trackbacks updated successfully';
-$messages['trackback_updated_ok'] = 'Trackback updated successfully';
-$messages['error_trackback_status'] = 'Please select a valid status';
-$messages['error_incorrect_user'] = 'User is not valid';
-$messages['select'] = 'Select';
-$messages['remove_selected'] = 'Remove Selected';
+$messages['admin_mode'] = '管理員模式';
+$messages['administrate_user_blog'] = '管理這個網誌';
+$messages['trackbacks_updated_ok'] = '%s 個引用已成功的更新';
+$messages['trackback_updated_ok'] = '引用已成功的更新';
+$messages['error_trackback_status'] = '請選擇一個合法的狀態';
+$messages['error_incorrect_user'] = '不合法的使用者';
+$messages['select'] = '選擇';
+$messages['remove_selected'] = '取消選取';
-$messages['notification_subject'] = 'LifeType Notification System';
-$messages['error_no_trackback_links_sent'] = 'Warning: No Trackbacks were sent.';
+$messages['notification_subject'] = 'LifeType 通知系統';
+$messages['error_no_trackback_links_sent'] = '警告:沒有送出任何引用';
-$messages['logout_destination_url'] = 'URL where users will be sent when logging out, like for examplethe front page of your service. Leave empty in order to use the default value (the login page) [Default = empty]';
+$messages['help_logout_destination_url'] = '當使用者登出時所要顯示網頁的 URL 。例如,你提供服務的首頁。若是保持空白,則使用預設的 LifeType 登入頁。[預設值 = 空白]';
-$messages['help_http_cache_lifetime'] = 'Lifetime in seconds of the client side cache (browsers will not return to the server for this long, and pages will be served from the local cache.  This greatly speeds up the browsing experience, but will delay post and comment visibility. [Default = 1800]';
+$messages['help_http_cache_lifetime'] = '客戶端快取的有效時間,以秒為單位。 (瀏覽器在這段期間不會再連線到網頁主機,而直接使用本地端的快取)。這個做法將加快瀏覽網頁的速度,但是將延後文章和迴響的出現時間。[預設值 = 1800]';
-$messages['trackbacks_no_trackback'] = 'Sending a trackback to the following URL failed: ';
+$messages['trackbacks_no_trackback'] = '送出引用到下面的網址失敗:';
-$messages['error_comment_spam_throw_away'] = 'You cannot post this message. Anti-spam filter has blocked it.';
-$messages['error_comment_spam_keep'] = 'The anti-spam filter has put your comment in the moderation queue and it will have to be approved by the blog owner.';
+$messages['error_comment_spam_throw_away'] = '你不能發表這個訊息。反垃圾過濾系統已經將這個訊息阻擋下來。';
+$messages['error_comment_spam_keep'] = '反垃圾過濾系統已經將你的迴響放到佇列裡等待網誌擁有者的審核。';
 $messages['blog_categories'] = '網誌分類';
 $messages['global_article_categories'] = '全站文章分類'; 
-$messages['help_force_posturl_unique'] = 'Force all post URLs within a blog to be unique.  This is only needed if you are changing the URLs and are removing the date portions of the URL. [Default = no]';
+$messages['help_force_posturl_unique'] = '強迫網誌裡所有文章的網址都是唯一的。這只有當你更改網址並且將日期部份從網址中移除時才需要。[預設值 = no]';
 $messages['default_send_notification'] = '預設發送通知';
@@ -1028,13 +1029,13 @@
 $messages['check_username_ok'] = '恭喜!這個使用者名稱還沒有任何人使用。';
 $messages['error_username_exist'] = '抱歉!這個使用者名稱已經被別人用了,試試其他的吧!'; 
-$messages['error_rule_email_dns_server_temp_fail'] = 'Temporary failure - try again later.';
-$messages['error_rule_email_dns_server_unreachable'] = 'Email server unreachable.';
-$messages['error_rule_email_dns_not_permitted'] = 'E-mail not permitted.'; 
+$messages['error_rule_email_dns_server_temp_fail'] = '發生暫時性的錯誤,請稍後再試!';
+$messages['error_rule_email_dns_server_unreachable'] = '電子郵件主機無法連線';
+$messages['error_rule_email_dns_not_permitted'] = '不被允許的電子郵件地址'; 
 $messages['blog_users_help'] = '可以存取這個網誌的使用者。請從左邊選取使用者將他移到右邊提供該使用者存取網誌的權限。'; 
-$messages['summary_welcome_paragraph'] = 'You should place here whatever welcome message you would like your users to see. Or remove this one completely and rearrange the whole page. Or something :) Take a look at templates/summary, that is where all template files that make up this page are stored. You are free to change them in any way you like.'; 
+$messages['summary_welcome_paragraph'] = '請將此處修改為你希望你的使用者看到的歡迎訊息,或將這部份刪除並重新安排整個頁面。這個頁面的模版在 templates/summary 裡面,你可以自由地依你的喜好修改他。'; 
 $messages['first_day_of_week'] = 1;
 $messages['first_day_of_week_label'] = '每一週的開始';
@@ -1044,15 +1045,28 @@
 $messages['registration_default_subject'] = 'LifeType 註冊確認';
-$messages['error_invalid_subdomain'] = 'The subdomain name is not valid or it is not unique';
-$messages['register_blog_domain_help'] = 'Name and subdomain that you would like to use for your new blog';
-$messages['domain'] = 'Domain';
-$messages['help_subdomains_available_domains'] = 'Enter a space delimited set of main domains allowed.  The user will be presented with a dropdown list of these values, and can add any subdomain he wants.  This is only used if you enabled subdomains and used {blogdomain} in the subdomain_base_url above. Use a \'?\' if you want to allow any domain.';
-$messages['subdomains_any_domain'] = '<- Multi-domain enabled. Type in the full domain.';
-$messages['error_updating_blog_subdomain'] = 'There was an error updating the subdomain.  Please check the data and try again.';
-$messages['error_updating_blog_main_domain'] = 'There was an error updating the main domain setting. This probably means the site administrator has configured something incorrectly.';
+$messages['error_invalid_subdomain'] = '不合法的子網域名稱,或是名稱不是唯一的';
+$messages['register_blog_domain_help'] = '你的新網誌要使用的名稱和子網域';
+$messages['domain'] = '網域(Domain)';
+$messages['help_subdomains_available_domains'] = '允許的主網域名稱清單。主網域名稱請以一個空格分隔。使用者會看到一個包含這些值的下拉式選單,並加入他所要使用的主網域。只有當你啟用子網域並且在上方的 subdomain_base_url 使用了 (blogdomain) 。如果你允許任何的網域,則使用 \'?\'';
+$messages['subdomains_any_domain'] = '<- 啟用多重網域。輸入完整的網域名稱';
+$messages['error_updating_blog_subdomain'] = '更新子網域時發生錯誤,請檢查資料並再試一次。';
+$messages['error_updating_blog_main_domain'] = '更新主網域設定時發生錯誤。這可是管理者的一些系統參數調整錯誤造成的。';
 $messages['monthsshort'] = Array( '元', '二', '三', '四', '五', '六', '七', '八', '九', '十', '十一', '十二' );
 $messages['weekdaysshort'] = Array( '日', '一', '二', '三', '四', '五', '六' );
+// 阿欣發現的兩個漏掉的翻譯,再加四個
+$messages['Plugins'] = '外掛程式';
+$messages['Miscellaneous'] = '其它功能';
+$messages['help_default_global_article_category_id'] = '預設的全域文章分類 Id';
+$messages['help_blog_does_not_exist_url'] = '若瀏覽不存在的網誌,重導向到下面的網址';
+$messages['help_pull_down_menu_enabled'] = '啟用管理介面的下拉式選單。這只會影響新建立的網誌,已建立的網誌請從個人網誌設定裡調整選項';
+//$messages['help_logout_destination_url'] = '登出時,重導向到下列的網址。若為空白,則為預設的登入網頁';
+$messages['global_category'] = '全域文章分類'; //編輯文章用
+$messages['global_article_category_help'] = '替文章指定一個全域文章分類'; //編輯文章用
+$messages['search_type'] = '搜尋方式'; //摘要頁面用
\ No newline at end of file

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