[pLog-svn] wow...

Mark Wu markplace at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 05:11:22 GMT 2006


SVK is really good...

I use it to manage the project in my local repository and project in remote
site at same time

And keep all of them sync with lifetype trunk.......

And I am mirror the who lifetype project, too :P

It is a very good tool than SVN.


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>  	I had heard of SVK a little bit but hadn't ever used it.
> I installed it tonight, and without too much trouble, maybe 
> an hour or so to see how it works, I was able to "mirror" the 
> lifetype tree locally, so it is now in svk's format, copy the 
> revision where I last sync'ed blogfuse, applied all of Glen's 
> changes for the last 4 months, then apply all of the changes 
> that LifeType has made (in the last month or so), it did a 
> very nice interactive merge, showing me glen's changes, the 
> original and the lifetype version all in one file, but in a 
> clear manner, and allowed various commands to be performed, 
> e.g. "dt" show me the difference between the original and 
> "theirs", "dy", my difference, difference between mine and 
> its best guess at a merge.  Crazy.
>  	Why this is useful: subversion used to support 
> (unofficially, turns out the developers didn't realize it 
> worked) merging between different repositories, so I 
> effectively do stuff like:
> svn export -r123 
> http://devel.lifetype.net/svn/plog/plog/trunk myversion svn 
> import myversion http://limedaley.com/svn/blogfuse/devel
> # edit myversion
> svn commit myversion
> svn merge -r123:HEAD 
> http://devel.lifetype.net/svn/plog/plog/trunk myversion # 
> check for conflicts, etc.
> svn commit -m "merged lifetype trunk revs 123:245" myversion
> and it worked pretty reasonably for keeping another tree up-to-date.
> However, subversion recently broke this behavior, and so it 
> no longer works.  I could keep a local copy of lifetype's 
> subversion repository, and then do the same thing, because 
> merges work within a repository.  But...
> # With svk, I do this:
> svk depotmap --init
> svk mkdir //mirror
> svk mirror http://devel.lifetype.net/svn/plog/plog/trunk 
> //mirror/lifetype/trunk/ svk sync -a # that took a long time, 
> I wanted to figure out how to only grab recent # revisions, 
> but I couldn't figure out how to do it - probably put a fair 
> # amount of load on the devel server... sorry.  Won't happen again.
> svk cp -p -r 2313 -m "copy from lifetype trunk, lifetype rev 3687"  \
>                //mirror/lifetype/trunk //blogfuse/devel svk 
> checkout //blogfuse/devel devel mv devel devel.svk svn export 
> https://limedaley.com/svn/blogfuse/devel
> # run various commands that effectively do:
> svk remove `svk status |grep "^!"`
> # then run (on a whim, but it did exactly the right thing # 
> ie. went through the tree recursively, and added everything # 
> that didn't exist before, and didn't give any errors about # 
> files already added svk add * svk commit -m "All Glen's 
> changes past up to current,based on rev 3687"
> svk smerge //mirror/lifetype/trunk //blogfuse/devel
> # done.  In the future, I just have to do svk commit -m "blah 
> blah, my changes"
> # and
> svk smerge //mirror/lifetype/trunk //blogfuse/devel
> Very simple.
> You can also do svk push'es, to submit changes back up to the 
> lifetype repository, but I haven't tried that yet.
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