[pLog-svn] Rewrite of getSessionValue()

Oscar Renalias oscar at renalias.net
Sun Jul 16 20:55:57 GMT 2006

On 7/10/06, Ammar Ibrahim <ammar.ibrahim at gmail.com> wrote:
> I added something for our single sign on system. Changed many templates in
> the admin side, I hate the way when you click on a tab now you get a file to
> choose what action you want to do, I prefer showing a default page for every
> tab, and having the other tabs there as well.

Did you modify PHP code to achieve this result or did you have a look
at the file templates/admin/menus.xml?

If you didn't do the latter, now it might be a good time to do it,
since it allows you to reorganize the menu structure without modifying
any code. You could for example be taken to the "new resource" page
when clicking the "resource centre" link at the top by only changing
the value of the "url" parameter here:

<ResourcesGroup url="?op=resourcesGroup" localeId="resourceCenter">

It also allows to reorganize the whole menu structure if you wish.
Just make sure that the file validates as valid XML before testing it,
or else you'll get some funky menus...

This does not remove the action mappings from the controller, though,
so if you remove some options from the menu, users might still be able
to access them if they know the right value for the "op" parameter.

> I removed things like "custom fields" which average users don't use.

Same as above.

> rewrite rules & things in the .htaccess moved to the vhost conf for
> performance reasons.
> but nonetheless I found out that there were many things that could have been
> done as a plugin, but unfortunatly didn't think wisely back then, I will try
> to make them plugins, should make my life easier.

Do you have any examples?

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