[pLog-svn] Bin-Devel

Oscar Renalias oscar at renalias.net
Thu Jul 6 14:06:54 GMT 2006

The build-svn.sh and build-diff.sh scripts are used to generate a
'clean' build based on a tag and to generate a differential build
based on two tags/branches. Both of them remove some files that are
not needed by end users, such as plenty of ADOdb drivers (why do we
need the Oracle or MSSQL driver if we're only supporting MySQL) and
some other files here and there. This helps to get smaller release

Unfortunately you won't be able to use them to generate your own
builds unless you have access to our svn repository and are able to
create new tags.


On 7/6/06, Ammar Ibrahim <ammar.ibrahim at gmail.com> wrote:
> I checked out the code of 1.0.6 today and found the following folder
> "bin-devel/". Should I run the relevant scripts when I want to build a
> package? I noticed it removes some ADODB drivers, why is that? Please
> advise.
> - Ammar
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