[pLog-svn] isAdmin not working

Reto Hugi plog at hugi.to
Sun Sep 18 21:22:54 GMT 2005


Did a fresh install from trunk and now I don't get recognized as a site
admin although permissions in the database are set to 1.

I'm still wondering where this actually "get"'s the information of the
user from, because if I do a var_dump, I get the array with the userinfo
all correct ,but isAdmin set to false.

This function is part of ploguserdataprovider.class.php:

function getUserInfoFromUsername( $username )
  return ( $this->get( "user", $username, CACHE_USERIDBYNAME,
                   Array( CACHE_USERINFO => "getId" )) );        	

Can somebody please explain where this function get's the userinfo from?
This is all magic to me...

thanks & nice week :)

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