Re: 答复: [pLog-svn] r2468 - in plog/trunk/class: action bayesiancachecache/Cache_Lite config controller daodao/customfieldsdao/status data data/forms data/pagerdata/validator databasedatabase/pdb database/pdb/datadictdatabase/pdb/drivers filefile/finder fi

Oscar Renalias oscar at
Thu Sep 15 06:16:42 GMT 2005

I wouldn't have removed the Object hierarchy if it wasn't because the  
gains were quite impressive. And this time it wasn't so much a  
performance improvement but a memory usage improvement... many people  
feel uncomfortable with a php application requiring 12 or 16mb to run  
and going from that situation to only requiring 4 or 5mb is good, I  
think, specially for big and busy sites: if they are getting 50 visit  
per second, now plog only needs 50x5 (250) instead of 50x16 (800!) mb  
of memory!!


On 15 Sep 2005, at 04:54, subaochen wrote:

> Removing object class will dramatically  improve performance?
> I think removing object class only reduce a little memeory useage,  
> but you
> know, eaccelerator or similiar tools will do that. I have tested
> eaccelerator, except for first visiting your page, memeory useage  
> only 2M or
> so.
> I think the most important aspect of performance is tunning  
> database and dao
> classes. For example, when we retrive all blogs or all users and  
> create a
> select list in admin interface, how dou you think about when you  
> have more
> than 10000 memeber?
> Just 2 cents:-)
> Su Baochen

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