[pLog-svn] RE: patch for http-conditional (fwd)

Jon Daley plogworld at jon.limedaley.com
Thu Jul 14 19:34:07 GMT 2005

 	Hi all.  This email is from the author of the http cache 
conditional functions that we use in plog.
 	He is trying to convince me to use a new feature of the new 
version - it is interesting, and might be a way around at least part of 
the caching problem with plugins.
 	Basically, it can detect whether session values have changed, and 
return a new page based on that information.
 	It might not help us, since we would need smarty to run, but I'll 
bet we could turn the caching on to public as long as we checked the 
session values in the http cache.  This would speed up plog in the cases 
where there is a proxy server in between the user and plog.  (either in 
the case where people are trying to lessen the load, like a couple people 
on the forums, or in the case like myself that uses a squid proxy, or AOL 
that caches stuff locally, etc.)

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Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 21:18:28 +0200
From: Alexandre Alapetite <rikkealex at webspeed.dk>
Reply-To: alexandre at alapetite.net
To: 'Jon Daley' <alapetite at jon.limedaley.com>
Subject: RE: patch for http-conditional

Hi again,
I have made a small example for you, using sessions. It is available on

It is aimed to be used while watching the LiveHTTPheaders window.

If more than one person is using this example at the same time, the testing
might not be very accurate, because of the "touch()"...


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