[pLog-svn] r2316 - plog/branches/plog-1.0.2/class/net/http

nick nizhenyuan ni.hero at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 07:28:31 GMT 2005



Mentioned about session, I have one quesiton.

The users sometimes got access error when clicking blog on dashboard
on my site since I set up the site from the begining of the year(It
seems that IE5.0 always meet such ploblems).

The plog directory is .../vVlogger/plog  and the document root is .../vVlogger/.

in sessionmanager.class.php,   there is such a line:
ession_set_cookie_params(0, $sessionPath, $sessionDomain);
if I use this code, things will get worse, and if I delete it, the
problem will be better but still hanging over:(

It's not possiblely that my setup up on session is wrong, cause 99% of
the time ,
It's working.

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