[pLog-svn] little business with plog

Jason King jason at pixellation.com
Fri Jul 8 15:38:39 GMT 2005

I mentioned this to Oscar a month or two ago. That's exactly what I'm 
thinking. I'd like to set something like this up that actually helped 
further plog's development by returning a portion of the profits back to 
the project.

I'd also like to set it up so that if users wanted plog customizations 
i.e. plugins or templates that they could connect with developers to get 
their needs satisfied for cash money.

With all the tuning and optimizing happening in the core right now and 
with proper support I think plog could begin to penetrate a more 
commercial market that would be willing to pay for these sorts of services.

p.s. Jon: I'm sure we could work together on this.

Jon Daley wrote:

> On Fri, 8 Jul 2005, Benjamin Krause wrote:
>> yeah, that might be an idea.. hosted pLog services, just pick your 
>> domain, we'll do the rest :)
>     It is certainly much easier than dealing with other people's 
> hosting wackiness.
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