[pLog-svn] r990 - in plog/trunk/class/net/http: . session

Benjamin Krause ork at orkland.de
Sat Feb 12 13:57:02 GMT 2005

Mark Wu wrote:

> Do you think we need a if statement to deicde use script_url or php_self in
> different web server (apache, iis or raidenhttp)?

Hey Mark,

I've never run php with any other webserver then apache..
maybe he can send us his _SERVER array so we can take a look wich elemts 
are set in the array.
i thought php_self should be available on all platforms (at least that's 
what php.net is saying)

is it possible for Awai to send us the output of 
print_r($HTTP_SERVER_VARS) and printr($_SERVER) ?


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