[pLog-svn] r997 - plog/trunk/class/action

Benjamin Krause ork at orkland.de
Tue Feb 8 15:25:12 GMT 2005

Oscar Renalias wrote:

> hold on, not so quick!!! This code is needed so that there can be urls
> like index.php?op=Default&userName=oscar or
> /blog/whatever_blog/user/oscar. These urls will list only the posts by
> this user.

are you sure this works? i mean.. you need to set the userParam 
somewhere.. there is no code to ever set that var, just the if block.

i would agree if i would have seen something like

$userParam = HttpVars::getRequest('userName');

or something like that.. but there is nothing like that.. maybe the code 
wasn't fully done? i didnt remove the code, just commented it out ..

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