[pLog-svn] r993 - plog/trunk/class/locale

Benjamin Krause ork at orkland.de
Tue Feb 8 14:42:56 GMT 2005

Oscar Renalias wrote:

> what do these figures mean? Do they mean that 18% of the time is spent
> in Object->Object(), 20% of the time in Logger->debug and so on?

yeah.. but they summarize all calls to the methods.. e.g. debug()
gets called by BlogView->render() and DefaultAction->DefaultAction(). 
the logging in render() takes e.g. 5% CPU, the logging in 
DefaultAction() takes e.g. 7% CPU. but both DefaultAction() and render() 
need another 20% for other stupid things.. so this would result in

DefaultAction() 27%
render() 25%
debug() 12%

so the cpu time for debug is included in DefaultAction/render and in the 
debug percentage ..

another example from your code:

pluginmanager takes 23.23%
pluginbase 22.52%

so there is a delta of about 0.7%. the pluginmanager just does stuff for 
about that 0.7%, the rest is done in the pluginbase.. but the numbers 
summarize that..

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