[pLog-svn] r950 - plog/trunk/templates/admin

Mark Wu markplace at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 17:37:53 GMT 2005

Hi Oscar:

I already commit!  Rev 949. But seems the diff is too big. So .... The mail
does not sen out...

I remove that, because I move those code the htmlarea-plog.js. And make the
template more clear.

Regards, Mark 

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> -{if $htmlarea}
> -<script type="text/javascript">
> -  var postTextEditor = new HTMLArea('postText', config);
> -  postTextEditor.generate();
> -  var postExtendedTextEditor = new HTMLArea('postExtendedText', 
> config);
> -  postExtendedTextEditor.generate();
> -</script>
> -{/if}

I don't understand this diff... why did you remove the code above? Last time
I checked, it was needed... Is it not needed anymore?

Also, when are you going to commit htmlarea? :)


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